It’s a shame we will only get married once

wedding ceremony klosters
© Tatyana Jenni

Dear Marylin,

We cannot thank you enough for the fantastic ceremony you delivered at our wedding. We new following our calls that you had understood us, but this was a surprise for our guests who were amazed that you captured what we are about so clearly.

The personal touches to the wording within the ceremony text made the whole thing captivating for both us (bride and groom) and our guests.

Thank you so much Marylin for making our ceremony such a perfect and personal occasion. You really made the day and ceremony special and we will never be able to thank you enough. We still can’t believe what a fantastic day we had and the ceremony was central to that! Overall a fantastic experience, it’s a shame we will only get married once!!

Lots of love,


Kate & Blyth

Touched by your beautiful words

Wedding ceremony grandvaux
© Oliver Fly

Dear Marylin,

It hasn’t still sunk in yet that our wedding day was over. I was very nervous but because of you, everything went smoothly and my parents were very touched by your beautiful words. You conducted the ceremony really well and we were perfectly happy.

Thank you again, we will never forget this amazing day!

With love.


Sachié & Karl

Your words were perfect

elopement_ceremony_genevaCan’t thank you enough. Your words were perfect and very meaningful to us both.
Felt so relaxed. Like we’ve known you forever.

We had a lovely special time renewing our vows. You made it all very personal and intimate.

I hope you continue for many years providing your invaluable service to people.
I’m so glad I found you so easily.

Will always hold you and Geneva close to our heart. Thank you. 



Karen & Kevin

You made our day so special

© Patrick Kirschhofer

Dear Marylin,

We wanted to thank you again that you made our wedding day so magical. The ceremony was just genius for us. We enjoyed every second of it and you made our day so special! We received exclusively positive feedbacks from our guests. Even from our parents, who would have liked us to have a religious ceremony. They very much enjoyed it.

You presented our story in such an authentic, pleasant, emotional and funny way. Which we much appreciated.

We are very thankful for your great support from our first meeting onwards. You created our ceremony like we had dreamed of it. We are looking forward to meeting you soon and debrief the wedding with you.


Isa & Tobi

Simply stunning and radiant

wedding ceremony elopement
© Lilirose Productions

If you are looking for a top wedding celebrant, I highly recommend Marylin. 

She has the right words to support you through this adventure. She is very helpful and attentive to your needs. She is simply stunning and radiant.

Thanks again a thousand times Marylin, and maybe see you soon. 


Yue, wedding planner for Xiao & Junjie

You did a fantastic service for us

wedding ceremony boat
© Gabriela Oswald

Dear Marylin,

Grant and I wanted to send you a little token of appreciation for the important part that you played in our wedding day. 

I know that you didn’t have very long to prepare, but you really did a fantastic service for us, we loved it! 

A big thank you and wishing you all the best.


Nicola & Grant

Our ceremony was everything we wanted it to be

wedding ceremony blausee
© Stefan Hellberg

In April 2017, Cory and I travelled from Australia with some of our closest friends to marry at beautiful Blausee in Switzerland.

Coordinating such an event was far more complicated than either of us had anticipated however the involvement of Marylin was one part of the process that was delightfully uncomplicated – Marylin was accommodating, kind, thoughtful, did everything we asked of her and gave us ample opportunity to make sure the Ceremony was everything we wanted it to be. Her English was wonderful and we found her accent lovely – it really added something unique.

Marylin was patient and able to answer all of the questions we had, in particular ones pertaining to how the marriage process worked in a different country to our own. We did not have the opportunity to meet in person prior to the ceremony, speaking only via Skype call, however this was all Marylin needed and she happily accommodated all of our requests, even some of the quirkier ones. She was even kind enough to suggest and arrange the materials for a sweet part of the ceremony so we would have a momento to take home with us. 

Marylin was recommended to us by Laura Dova (wedding planner) and we would highly recommend her to other couples, especially those looking to have a ceremony in English – Thank you Marylin for being a part of our big adventure! 


Jess & Cory

The right words

wedding ceremony montreux
© Armand Yerly

Dear Marylin,

This ceremony will stay magical for us! You managed to choose the right words and touch the heart of all of us. We were deeply filled with emotion and floated on a cloud for a few days.

Thanks for your generosity, thanks for everything.


Marylin & Justine

Just perfect

wedding ceremony geneva
© Mickael Bost

Dear Marylin,

What a pleasure it was to have you celebrate on our big day! It was just perfect, as well as the preps! We had lots of great feedback about the ceremony, our guests loved it.

Thanks again for everything, it was brilliant.

We look forward to seeing you again when we get back from our honeymoon!


Angela & Jonathan