A meaningful moment and everlasting memories  

secular wedding switzerland

My expertise for your secular wedding in Switzerland

Every love story is unique and magical, and it deserves to be told. Let’s uncover those special moments that made you fall deeper in love with each other and put them into words.

Since 2015, I have accompanied dozens of couples through the celebration and organization of secular ceremony. If you choose the bespoke option, we will discuss all the memories you have formed together as a couple, and how to put those memories into beautiful words. Not only do I want to provide couples with a beautifully written speech about their love story, but I want to give couples the chance to reminisce about all the amazing moments in their relationship, no matter how big or small those moments may be.

My goal is to give you the ceremony of your dreams, therefore, I am not here to tell you what to do, this process is entirely yours to create. I am just here to help you, I will give you inspiration when needed, I will answer all your questions, and most importantly – I will make the planning process easier and less overwhelming.

If you are looking for a smaller ceremony, then an elopement may be perfect for you. You can read through the elopement tab to see if it is more suitable for you!


What makes A Lovely Day so special

  • Each speech I create is unique to the couple. I carefully choose words and phrases that resemble the love stories of each individual couple. And absolutely no love story is the same.
  • I will guide you as much as you need. I am here to answer questions, provide you with notes and tips and essentially, give you the most amazing day.
  • I will make a speech so filled with love that you and your loved ones will be consumed with such widespread emotions from happiness, to tears of joy, cries of laughter and moments of beautiful silence. This will be an unforgettable day!
  • My blog that provides you with information about couples I have worked with in the past, in addition to giving ideas and inspirations about weddings. Please feel free to take a look!


A secular ceremony in Switzerland, or Abroad!

Switzerland offers some stunning sceneries, from the lake, to the mountains, to Chateaux’s and vineyards. The list of beautiful spots in Switzerland is endless.

However, if you’ve decided to have your ceremony outside of Switzerland then that works for me as well. I can provide you with the ceremony of your dreams, in the location of your choice.

Let’s embark on that journey together.
secular wedding switzerland

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