A secular naming ceremony?

secular naming ceremony
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What is a secular naming ceremony?

A secular naming ceremony, also called “child dedication” ceremony or birth ceremony, is just a symbolic ceremony organized when a child is born or when he/she is a little older to celebrate the first years of his/her life and give meaning to future years. The benefit of doing this for a child who is one year old, is that he/she will be able to participate. And we all know how much children like to celebrate.

A secular naming ceremony is also the opportunity to welcome an adopted child within your family.

It is therefore a moment of intense joy and sharing, which allows you to express the values and parenting style the child will receive, based on openness to the world and spiritual freedom.


How does the secular naming ceremony work?

As for all secular marriage ceremony, As for all secular wedding ceremonies, the idea is to create a fully customized celebration. It can take place in Switzerland or anywhere else. People can choose the venue (why not in your backyard) and invite the godfather and the godmother who will express their commitment to the child and the parents. Other family members or friends can also speak out.

Parents will have an important role to play by explaining what they want to convey to their child during this very emotional moment. Ritual acts (symbolic movements) may be integrated, which will help illustrate the values they wish to instill, as well as any ties that need to be highlighted between the parents, child and godfather-mother or wishes from the attendance. Speeches in the form of texts and poems may be read, with background music and/or by singing. It is also possible to include a gift exchange moment and the signature of a symbolic godfather/mother certificate.


Does a secular naming ceremony fit us?

  • You would like to celebrate the arrival of your child by celebrating his/her birth
  • You want it to be a significant, unique and completely personalized moment
  • Through texts and symbolic gestures you want to express what this birth means to you and to the child
  • You want to gather the godfather and the godmother and explain their role and why you have chosen them
  • You don’t recognize yourself in a religious baptism
  • As parents, you come from different religious backgrounds
  • You are a same-sex couple

Then yes, the secular naming ceremony is a great alternative for you!

You will be accompanied in a 100% customized manner to build a ceremony that reflects your family, your values, your personality, your wishes, your culture. A moment full of love and unique in your life and your child’s life!

Don’t hesitate to contact Marylin for further information.

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