Secular ceremony

secular ceremony
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What is a secular ceremony and why would you consider it for your wedding?

A secular ceremony (also called humanist ceremony, symbolic ceremony or blessing ceremony) is a celebration without any religious component. I believe weddings are personal and symbolic occasions that complement a civil wedding ceremony, and that is why I also like to use the term “personalized” rather than “secular”.

Many couples can’t or won’t get married in church and don’t feel like simply having a civil ceremony that often ends up being impersonal, gloomy and very short. It’s also possible to organize a secular ceremony without being legally married before.

Secular ceremonies are there to offer an alternative to religious ceremonies while keeping the emotional part of a traditional wedding intact. It is an engagement with yourself, your partner and all the loved ones that are present. The ceremony should be intense and emotional. Two people unite in a traditional or original setting, expressing their values, with the participation of loved ones, symbolic acts and emotional music. This kind of ceremony can be celebrated almost anywhere which makes it even more unique and exceptional.


Why choose a secular wedding ceremony?

  • You want a tailor-made ceremony that is emotional and resembles you
  • You are atheists, don’t share the same religion or you simply don’t want a religious ceremony
  • You want your ceremony to take place in a special location or outdoors
  • You have already been married
  • You are homosexual
  • You want to renew your vows

Don’t hesitate, a secular wedding ceremony is perfect for you!


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Why choose A Lovely Day?

Secular ceremonies are absolutely unique, which means they have to be created from scratch and their planning can quickly become very complex. Knowing what to say, where to hold the ceremony, who will officiate, how to let loved ones intervene and when to do what, are all questions that need to be answered and prepared for in advance. All this planning takes time. The celebration on the D day is the fulfillment of many preps!

As professional celebrants, I will accompany you all the way, from the creation of the ceremony to its celebration, and make your personalized and secular wedding absolutely unforgettable. I will work with you to create a tailor-made wedding ceremony that you and your loved ones will undoubtedly love and never forget.

If you’ve already started planning your ceremony and just need some advice to help you figure out the last details, I can also act as advisor.

A Lovely Day can also help you build and celebrate a naming ceremony in Switzerland, for your baby or child.

If you want someone special to celebrate your ceremony, I can coach that person to make sure the ceremony is a success.

Many couples already trusted in A Lovely Day and left me beautiful testimonials.


secular ceremony switzerland
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