Why a secular ceremony?

secular ceremony
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What is a secular ceremony?

A Secular Ceremony (also known as a nondenominational ceremony, humanist ceremony, symbolic ceremony or as I like it call it, a personalized ceremony) is a non-religious wedding celebration in which you add personal touches, symbolism and traditions to make the ceremony 100% unique to you and your significant other.

It marks an important stage of life by reflecting your spiritual, cultural or philosophical convictions but above all your love.

Many couples either don’t want to or can’t get married in a church and have difficulty finding an alternative that will meet all their wishes. Therefore, a secular ceremony is perfect! It doesn’t necessarily mean atheism, it simply means that every couple may share their own beliefs whether they are based on religion or not.

A secular Ceremony is an amazing alternative to religious ceremonies while keeping the beauty, and emotional part of a traditional wedding ceremony intact.

This is a symbolic celebration of two people uniting in a spectacular and unique way. It is a time to express values and share them with those you love most. This is a ceremony that can take place almost anywhere, so let your dreams become a reality!


Is a secular ceremony right for us?

A secular ceremony is perfect for couples who wish to create their own unique and personalized wedding celebration that symbolizes the profoundness of the love they share. This is a celebration that accepts all values, beliefs, cultures, sexual orientations and LGBTQ communities. It's a chance for couples to share the love and passion they have for each other, while doing so in a beautiful setting with their closest family and friends.




Does a secular ceremony mean we are legally Wed?

No, because it's a symbolic ceremony. You are only legally wed if you have a civil service where it becomes registered by an authorized official. The registration of your marriage takes places in a legal office with officials that deal with all the administrative aspects of the marriage.

Therefore, a symbolic ceremony is a way to celebrate this marriage either before or after the registration of it. It’s a chance to create a beautiful, unique and personal ceremony where you can share the love and the passion of your relationship with the people you care about, in a destination you love.


Why choose A Lovely Day?

Do you want a very authentic and unique symbolic celebration that is your own creation and has all your own personal touches? If so, then you’re in the right place. The goal of A Lovely Day is to allow you to reflect on your love story and share it with people closest to you.

Because symbolic ceremonies are customized to your wants and needs, they can be quite complex to plan. Together we can assemble ideas about how to organize it, what you want to say, how you will exchange vows, how to symbolize your union, and how loved ones can share their special words. This planning takes time, and I’m here to help. The ceremony is the highlight of the wedding day, it sets the tone for the rest of the day’s celebrations, so let’s make it perfect!

  • As a professional officiant, I am here to guide you through the process from beginning to end.
  • I will help turn all your ideas into an extraordinary reality.
  • I will work with you to create the secular wedding that you and your loved ones will never forget.
  • A Lovely Day can also guide you through the preparations and celebration of a naming ceremony in Switzerland. The birth/welcoming of a child is an important moment to celebrate, and if you’re looking for a non-religious celebration then a baby naming ceremony is the perfect way to do it!

I have worked with many couples, and provided them with beautiful and unforgettable days. Feel free to read some of their reviews and testimonials.

So, let's get in touch!


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