Who am I?

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Marylin, founder. Coach and humanist celebrant at secular ceremonies

My name is Marylin, I am the founder of A Lovely Day, coach and humanist celebrant at personalised wedding ceremonies, full time. Some prefer to use the term “master of ceremony”.
I discovered this world when I was preparing for my own wedding in 2013

My husband and I dreamed of having a personalized ceremony outdoors, reflecting our own lifestyle and representing our vision of our commitment as a couple. While we had a fairly clear idea of what we wanted, it was very difficult to find help preparing for this type of celebration, i.e. not religious, but more meaningful than a civil wedding. Secular weddings were still relatively unknown in Switzerland, and when this became clear we asked ourselves a number of questions similar to those I’ve reproduced here. Realizing that this was exactly what we wanted to do, we decided to get to grips with organizing our own ceremony. It was a huge project but also a revelation for me!

After our wedding, I felt I wanted to go further by offering my help to other couples so that they could benefit from my experience. At that time I was studying for a Federal Diploma as a Web Project Manager. I finished my course dissertation and created this website as part of the project. A Lovely Day came into being after I successfully completed my training.

To celebrate a ceremony in the best possible way, good preparation is a must. That calls for creativity, organization, a way with words and very good interpersonal skills. You also need to know your subject. And so I got coached and read lots of books and articles about secular ceremonies in order to become a specialist in this field. That prompted me to write a blog (French only).

My profession relies heavily on psychology to understand the couple’s needs and wishes. They must be willing to open up and reveal what exactly makes them tick. Here too, I read lots of books and studies about love, couples and relationships to get a better idea of how to approach future married couples. All this enabled me to develop an established coaching service for couples and their guests, guiding them in how to write their vows and speeches, while at the same time giving them the best advice on how to enjoy their big day.

In 2016, I became a mother of a very sweet little girl. A huge source of inspiration that gave me new wishes and desires: I then decided to propose naming ceremonies in addition to our services.

Would you like to know more about my professional background? Discover it here.


Organisation and celebration: my strengths

To enhance our work as celebrants at secular ceremonies, I have wide-ranging experience in communication, project management, events organization and coaching. This has enabled me to develop the skills required to offer you a personalized service in keeping with your expectations.

In addition to my mother tongue (French), I speak English, German, Spanish, Italian and I’m currently learning Portuguese. I can include these different languages in your ceremony. For a bilingual French-English celebration, a complete translation service is available for your ceremony.

Creative, organized, responsive, open-minded and always attentive to small details that can really make a difference, I’ll guide you from A to Z to create the ceremony of your dreams. What gives me most pleasure is bringing happiness and emotion to the celebrations I create.

I am happy to travel to the Swiss cantons of Vaud, Geneva, Fribourg, Neuchâtel, Valais, Jura, beyond and abroad.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to find out more. I look forward to meeting you and sharing in your future plans.


organisation humanist celebrant
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