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Humanist celebrant, is it a real job?

Being an officiant comes with many beliefs about love and happiness. It is not only a profession but also a conviction.

  • I believe that a wedding ceremony, a renewal of vows, and the birth of a child are all such significant and beautiful moments in a couple’s life, and each couple deserves to have their perfect, idealized ceremony.
  • I believe that each love story deserves to be told, as each one is unique and magical in its own way. I can provide couples with the most beautifully written speeches that reflect the love they have for each other, and envisions the future they will share together.
  • Lastly, I believe that love is the key to happiness, and being able to share this love is what makes this world a wonderful place.

My story

My name is Marylin. I am the founder and full time humanist celebrant. I founded ‘A Lovely Day’ shortly after preparing my own wedding in 2013. My Husband and I weren’t looking to have a big religious wedding ceremony, instead, we wanted a small, outdoor celebration that was entirely personalized to reflect the unique and beautiful relationship that we share.

However, we found it very difficult to find someone that would help us create a non-religious, personalized ceremony in the location of our choice. Something more than a union at the Civil Registry office. Therefore, we decided to take it into our own hands

Knowing well that this would be a big project to take on as described here, we also knew it would be the only way to get the day we had been dreaming about – THE perfect day!


After our wedding, I rediscovered my passion for writing, and my love for putting thoughts and memories into beautiful words. At the time, I was doing my Federal Diploma to become a Web Project Manager, and I created this website as part of my final dissertation.

I decided to pursue the career path of officiating and ‘A Lovely Day’ was born. I could not be happier with my decision, as now I get to do what I love and help couples share their love with each other!

In 2016, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl. She gave me the inspiration to expand my company into naming ceremonies, and secular baptism.

I have been mentioned several times in magazines, in online press publications, on TV and radio. You can find these by clicking on the ‘Media’ tab.


Fun facts about me

  • I never wanted to get married, until I met my now-husband, Sergio. He changed my life is the most positive ways possible!
  • Writing is not just a hobby for me, it is a passion. I have been writing since the age of 8, I find something so special about being able to put words together to make a beautiful story.
  • I can read endless amounts of books. When a book captivates me, I can easily finish it in a day – or at least I could before I had a daughter!
  • I have traveled to over 30 countries, most of which have been solo backpacking trips. I love adventure and the outdoors. My favorite place to travel to has been South America.
  • Music holds a very important place in my life. My father (among the stars now) was a Jazz musician, which helped me develop my keen ear for music. He is also the reason I speak 6 languages.
  • I love animals, and I fight against animal cruelty every day. I've been vegetarian for more than 10 years. I am a proud owner of two cats – Balam and Nunki.
  • I try to live a very eco-friendly life, which can be difficult when you love to travel, but I work hard at it.
  • I love timeless design as well as vintage clothes, antiques, and old movies. In my free time, I like to browse vintage stores as well as flea markets to give a new life to old things.
  • I am an idealist and my plan is to put more LOVE in this world!

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organisation humanist celebrant

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