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elopement in switzerland
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An elopement in Switzerland or abroad

The term elopement means to run away and get married or renew your vows. It’s a chance to escape to a beautiful destination, away from the stress and pressures of having to plan an extravagant, and large wedding. It’s a special moment for you and your significant other to have to yourselves or with a few people who you want to share this celebration of love with. As a multilingual celebrant, I give you the opportunity to have a serene and unique wedding ceremony or renewal of vows in Switzerland or any other destination of your choice.


What makes an elopement so particular?

Similar to a secular ceremony, an elopement ceremony can be celebrated the way we want. However, it differs from a classic wedding ceremony because the logistics are not as significant as they are in traditional weddings. It allows you to take your imagination to entirely new levels. You can choose your destination whether it be in a forest, at the top of a mountain, on a boat or in front of a famous monument.

An elopement is a less expensive and less stressful way to celebrate this special day. Since you are not planning for large groups of people, you don’t have to plan for large catering companies, table preparations, large floral arrangement, DJ’s and other decorations. And managing a guest list will never be easier! If you are looking for an easy, beautiful and peaceful way to celebrate, then an elopement ceremony is perfect for you.


Where can the elopement ceremony take place?

Everywhere! Since it's a very small ceremony, you are no longer confined to one area.

Switzerland is a beautiful country, and we have the privilege of having so many stunningly diverse landscapes. Why not saying yes to your beloved in front of the Matterhorn in Zermatt, near the Jet d’Eau in Geneva, barefoot in the lake near Lausanne, in a telecabin in Valais (Wallis), in the vineyards of Lavaux or in a prestigious palace? It's also possible to choose another European destination where you can exchange vows in your dream place!

I’ve had the privilege of officiating several elopement ceremonies in our beautiful country:


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Is an elopement ceremony right for you?

  • An elopement ceremony is for those who wish to have a small, very personal and romantic moment with either nobody or just a few loved ones around.
  • Do you seek an intimate time to share intensely romantic vows, whether you are saying them for the first time or renewing them?
  • Do you want a stress free, and easy way to celebrate and unite the love you have for each other?
  • Do you wish to travel to your dream destination and elope in an environment that is so serene and special to you and your significant other?
  • Maybe you want to renew your vows with your children as witnesses, and make this an unforgettable family moment.
  • Or you have a baby on the way, and want to have the symbolic unison of family before the child is born.


An elopement ceremony to remember

Whichever destination you choose, your elopement ceremony will be a special, beautiful and unforgettable moment between you and your beloved one. But why let the celebration end after the elopement?

After the elopement ceremony, I have seen couples continue their celebrations in various ways. Some have organized candlelit picnic dinners whilst sitting on a blanket at the top of a mountain. Others have rented a cottage and spent the weekend together. Whether you have a small group of friends and family or not, there are endless possibilities to keep your celebration going after the elopement. So, make this incredible step in your journey of love as special as possible!

Whether you want only a symbolic ceremony or the organization of your whole elopement in collaboration with the renowned Laura Dova Weddings, we will make your day as exceptional as you are.

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